50 Port Credit 301

Hey Debbie and Malcolm, 

Below you will find some more information about the condo at 50 Port St. It seems like this condo is a great deal based on the prices in the surrounding area! Ive spoken with the sellers, and have some information for you in regards to the questions you had asked me.

The condo is about 10 Years old, and the average age of residents living in the building is 60. Currently, the exterior has been completed and the interior is on its way to be completed soon. One individual who is part of the building management actually lives in the building, and helps with any issues residents may have. This is a boutique style condominium, which means there are very limited amounts of units inside, here there are only 16 Units in total! This is also why the building does not have any concierge, because there are a very limited amount of residents that live here, there is no need for one. 

Outside the condo, there are amenities everywhere! From cafes, restaurants, bars, library, parks, banks, shopping, and etc, the list could go on forever. There are 2 major performing centers just minutes away, Port Credit Harbourside playhouse, and Mississauga Players Theatre not to mention all the entertainment you can access by just walking steps to the train. The GO Transit, and all Toronto transportation runs along the Lakeshore Rd, so you don't even need to worry about having a car to get around. Below you can find the maps outlining the train! 

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Interior with trees that provide privacy on the balcony

rECENt sales

Now because this is a very exclusive building, there is not much sales history available for us to review. There are of course only 16 units, and the majority of the owners had been living here since the building was built. However we do have at least one comparable for the basis of what we can compare too.

Some things to note about this property are: 

1. The comparable sale is a larger unit 

2. The comparable sale is on the higher floor

3. The comparable sale has more upgrades and renovations done to it. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.48.31 PM.png

Ive spoken to the sellers agent, and I know there is some negotiation room in regards to the price. If this unit is still available by the time you are here, I am positive I can negotiate several thousands of dollars off the asking price :)

Other than that, the website does a great job of outlining the amenities in the area, and you can reference the unit interior by following the link below: 


I have also visited the unit myself to take a look at the home in person, and it does look just like it does in the pictures. The area itself is fantastic and there are plenty of things to do in the surrounding area. 

Hope this information is valuable for you!